The original Dirty Jerz BBQ Sauce was created by our CEO/Founder, Wolfgang Tsoutsouris, in his home kitchen, right here in New Jersey. Wolfgang was looking to make a BBQ sauce that was delicious, but different than any other product on the market. He didn't want to continue barbecuing with the same old, super sweet, preservative-packed sauce. He wanted a sauce that was clean and had character. Enter Dirty Jerz BBQ Sauce... Savory Style.

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  • Unique

    Our goal is to make sauces different than any other sauces on the market. We don't want to create the traditional super sweet bbq sauce that everyone is tired of. We provide sauces that are both delicious and better than the conventional boring bbq sauce.

  • Healthy

    Creating a delicious sauce is definitely a priority, however we wanted to make sure our sauces are also healthy. Our Savory Style sauce has only 4g of sugar (no added sugars), 280mg of sodium, 0g of fat, is cholesterol free, and has absolutely no artificial colors.

  • Local

    Located here in the great state of New Jersey, Dirty Jerz BBQ aims to provide great sauces to not just the grillers of New Jersey, but to all barbecue enthusiasts across the country! If you're from NJ, or are in town, stop by and grab yourself a jar of our Savory Style sauce at a local location!


Dirty Jerz BBQ Pork Ribs

Light the grill!

Dirty Jerz Bloody Mary

Start mixing!

The Dirty Jerz Promise

From our kitchen to your cook-out, a BBQ sauce that elevates
anything you put on the grill. From ribs to veggies, from
chicken to fish, this sauce has you covered. We kept it clean,
so you can feel good about giving your friends and family a
(loving) kick to the taste buds!