The original Dirty Jerz BBQ Sauce was created by our CEO/Founder, Wolfgang Tsoutsouris, in his home kitchen, right here in New Jersey. Wolfgang was looking to make a BBQ sauce that was delicious, but different than any other product on the market. He didn't want to continue barbecuing with the same old, super sweet, preservative-packed sauce. He wanted a sauce that was clean and had character. Enter Dirty Jerz BBQ Sauce... Savory Style. Our Savory Style sauce is a great addition to any home cooked meal. It can be used on ribs, fish, veggies, or even as a steak dipping sauce. We strive to continually put a great product on the shelves so you can keep barbecuing! Some new Dirty Jerz sauces are already in the works and we're excited to release them in the near future. In the meantime, we hope you continue to enjoy our Savory Style BBQ sauce!



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